Gluten free lotions

I had a few mixed emotions when deciding what to do when it came to beauty products. For myself, I’m okay with not being 100% gluten free with certain things, including lotions. I know you have to EAT gluten for it to cause a problem and I certainly do not eat lotion. Or do I? I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t seem very tasty, but there are other ways one can consume lotion. Generally not an issue for adults, but as a pediatrician, it’s something I try to caution my families about.  Kids are always putting things in their mouths. They bite their nails. They suck their thumbs. So… they kinda eat their lotion too.  So while I’m not super strict with myself, I do caution those with kids.  I do have a few products that I love that are not necessarily gluten free. I love Eucerin products, but they cannot guarantee my safety. My solution is that my unending love of aquaphor can continue- on my legs, arms, feet, and torso, but NOT on my hands.  My hands are gluten free zones most of the time.

Here’s my list of go to products for lotions/creams that are gluten free:

I know this is a pretty short list, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. Yes there are plenty of gluten free options out there, these are just some of my favorite. They work great and they are pretty easy to find. You don’t need a Whole Foods near you! Target carries most of these brands too!


7 thoughts on “Gluten free lotions

  1. I have heard/read that Vitamin E is derived from wheat germ, and, therefore, should be avoided. Therefore, is Kiss My Face Vitamin A & E Mositurizer safe?

    1. You are correct regarding Vitamin E and bring up a very good point! Vitamin E is often derived from wheat germ oil which would then make it NOT gluten free. However, there are other sources of Vitamin E out there so there are some products containing vitamin E that ARE gluten free. The only way to know for sure is to check with the company and, honestly, most of the time they don’t know what their source is either. I do trust Kiss My Face. In fact, they provide a list of gluten free products on their website. I’ve used their Vitamin A&E lotion without a problem in the past but if it makes you nervous their other lotions are great as well! (Try their Honey & Calendula Mositurizer!)

      Here’s a link to an article that may help as well

      Now, keep in mind that ingredients are constantly changing so intermittently check with various companies especially if you feel like you have been “glutened” but cannot figure out the source.


      PS: Most importantly, great job for questioning my blog! I’m a BIG supporter of teaching my patients to not trust everything you read. You are your child’s only advocate!

      1. Thanks so much for your response. Very helpful! I am new to this (it’s only been a little over a month since my son received his official diagnosis) so I am trying to research & learn as much as possible. I’ve already bookmarked your site and look forward to reading future posts. Happy Holidays!

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