Looking at the plate half full

I think one of the hardest parts of celiac disease is learning to navigate the gluten free diet. I’ll admit, the first month after my diagnosis I had the same thing every day: scrambled eggs for breakfast, a salad for lunch (with no dressing because I was scared), and grilled chicken with avocado and rice for dinner. Everyday. Every. Single. Day.

Finally I decided to tackle the diet head on. One of my dietician friends had explained that it would be a “roadmap” for me to navigate. Umm, hello!?!? I felt like a needed a GPS to find my way! I decided I needed a new outlook on the GFD (that’s gluten free diet- I can’t help it, I’m a doctor- we like the alphabet soup abbreviations). I had been mourning the loss of the foods I couldn’t eat- cakes/cookies *doh*, pasta *eek*, deep dish Chicago pizza *OMG*. Instead, I had to change my outlook and appreciate the foods that I could enjoy and that I loved- tacos (corn tortillas of course), steak *yum*, chocolate *double yum*, and… wine! Score!

And, truth be told, after the first month or two, I stopped missing my gluten goodies. In fact, I felt so good that I realized it really wasn’t worth it. Not only did I have all these amazing foods that I could enjoy, but I felt fabulous! Plus, the gluten free world is expanding so quickly that gluten free substitutes are popping out everywhere you look!  Need a GF cake? No problem! Pasta? Absolutely!  Now, not only is my plate half full, its practically overflowing…

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