Review: Tone It Up Diet & Fitness Plan

Being gluten free is pretty darn challenging at times. Unfortunately, one of the challenges we don’t tend to think about are diet plans. Most people assume that having celiac disease means you are at normal weight or even underweight. However, many individuals are diagnosed while being considered obese. In addition, patients tend to GAIN wait once going gluten free. Why? Well sometimes they are taking in more calories than average to account for what is not be absorbed. Second, gluten free food tends to be heavy in fats and added sugars as I’ve mentioned before. 

I’ve tried a few diet plans in the past and I was a little skeptical about the Tone It Up program. I came across one day while looking up some exercise tips and found these two very bubbly girls, Karena and Katrina.  Both girls are amazingly gorgeous and have incredibly toned bodies. Combined with their personalities, they make their workouts fun and entertaining! You know when you watch workout DVDs and everyone is doing stuff in sync while you’re falling around your living room? Not here! The girls switch off between moves and talk you through each movement. AND they lose their balance. It’s great. While doing one video, I stood there balancing on one leg and trying to do an extension on the other without letting my toe touch the ground. Yeah. It’s a great core workout but it can be tricky. While watching the video I noticed that they wobbled slightly too. They aren’t afraid to show their imperfections and it really was a breaking point for me. If they aren’t perfect, why do I need to be disappointed in myself for having the same struggle with a move? Lesson? Keep on doing it. I’ll get there eventually. I hope.

As for the diet plan, you can purchase different versions, including a gluten free diet version (as well as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free vegetarian, & pescetarian). I LOVE THIS. Yeah I know what is gluten free and what is not. I know that bread and wraps are generally off limits, but when I have to go on a diet and figure out a different way of eating, I don’t want to have to figure out gluten free substitutions as I go along. They have taken all of the guess work out of the equation for you. 

The diet consists of a morning drink (I stick with the bombshell spell versus the meta d) and 5 meals/snacks during the day. They teach you what you need to eat at each meal and when to avoid certain foods. Their website is full of recipes they have posted as well as those posted by members of the Tone It Up Community. Yeah- there’s a “community” too. Think of it as a built in support system. You can check in during the day with each other, trade workout ideas, meals, and even meet people in your area to work out with! (I’ve actually met someone on the TIU plan that goes to the same gym I do and we now go to yoga class together occasionally). 

I highly recommend this diet to those looking for something fun and looking for a trainer as well as a nutritionist. One of the biggest selling points for this plan are the workouts. Once each week you are provided with a workout schedule. It changes from week to week so you are never bored. If you choose to just do the workouts, you can check out their website and follow along without paying any fees. There’s no pressure at all! If you decide to do the diet plan, it currently costs $150. That gives you access to download the program and all of the updates/challenges along the way.  I did the exercises for a few weeks before I finally decided to go ahead and spend my money on the diet plan. It’s a great way to see if you think that you will like the plan without having to make any financial commitment!

Hope this helps!


11 thoughts on “Review: Tone It Up Diet & Fitness Plan

    1. I would follow the 6 week challenge (I’m assuming you are doing the Love Your Body challenge), and go from there. You have access to the videos and workouts without purchasing the plan. What you gain from purchasing the plan are the diet plans, meals, recipes, etc. As well as the ability to log in and join the “community” where you can motivate each other. They also send you updates as they update the plan as well so it’s not like you are just purchasing it once and then having an out of date plan a few months later. They email you the updates! Finish the 6 weeks and see what you think of it before you purchase the plan.

  1. I’m doing the Love Your Body Challenge and so far really like it. I am considering investing the $150 in the concern – I have a husband and a 14 year old who were blessed with great metabolisms and they don’t need to lose even an ounce – will I be cooking two different meals every night or will the recipes they use be enough for my guys?

    1. I can’t speak about the different meal plans- just the gluten free plan, but my fiance does eat what I cook for dinner! The recipes are pretty good, and there are other member recipes posted online as well. The plan teaches you what to incorporate into meals so you can easily come up with your own. Now- I should mention that my fiance will NOT eat spaghetti squash which I happen to love- so that is easy enough I can toss some pasta on for him so he has something for himself as well without really cooking two different meals. Hope this helps!

  2. I am looking to purchase. I am not celiac but I can tell a difference in
    My body when I do eat gluten. Would you suggest me getting the gluten free one, or the reg one and just sub gluten free as needed?

  3. Is the gluten free plan heavy with nuts? I am allergic to both wheat and nuts, and I find that many GF recipes sub in nuts. I don’t want to spend the money if I won’t be able to eat most of the things anyway!

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