Getting back to Fit and Fabulous

So I’m going to jump right into this for you guys- life has kicked my ass. I know I have been neglecting this blog, but had to tend to some personal life stuff and things are finally settling down. Unfortunately for me, my crazy life-scapades have managed to turn me from fit and fabulous to, well… *just* fabulous. The cliff notes version is that due to some medical issues and some crazy medications I have gained weight, stopped working out, and it has all taken a toll on me.  That being said, I’m no longer allowing for any excuses and getting my shit back together!

I have reviewed a few diet plans in the past for you and I’m still a fan of weight watchers and the Tone It Up series, and I’ve even done a few different cleanses. However, I wanted to take a different approach this time. This is the first time that I have not been in shape. Ever. No matter what the scale said, I was always in the gym, running 5/10Ks, and having a blast with obstacle courses. Well, I’m far from that at this point and I need to get myself back to my happy place. This is NOT about the scale, and it shouldn’t be for you guys either. It should be about living your life to its fullest and being healthy.

One of my struggles when looking online for motivation is seeing all of these great stories and exercise/recipe ideas that 1) I can’t do just yet or 2) it isn’t gluten free! So now what? Well, I’m going to try to record my journey for you and hopefully give you some ideas to help with your own journey.  It won’t be an everyday thing, but maybe once/week to check in with you over the next few months.    I promise to link as many recipes as I can to help you along your path as well!  Plus- I’ve set up an account on myfitnesspal (fitfabandglutenfree) if any of you are interested on holding each other accountable!

Keep an eye out for future posts and updates!